1Password for Linux, 8.1.0-28


Hello, Linux-land, and Happy Monday!

Today, we have a new version of 1Password for Linux, bringing you a list of quality of life improvements and a couple of new features. Starting with this beta, you can choose to make your passwords always visible when you're using 1Password. Additionally, searching for "Archive" in Quick Find is a new way to quickly get to your archive folder, which can be really helpful for people with a lot of accounts and a lot of vaults.

We have one regression this week, in that you cannot currently "Undo" an item deletion in 1Password for Linux. If you mistakenly delete an item, you will need to go to your account on 1Password to correct it.

Browser Integration and Application Sandboxing

Some users have seen problems with Browser Integration when installing 1Password from the Snap store. This problem originates with restrictions that are placed by the sandboxing built into Snap containers.

Starting with this release, we will detect if 1Password is running within a Snap container and provide a notice in settings that Browser Integration does not work within sandboxed applications. As we learn about additional container formats, and as we add additional containers (such as Flatpak), we will be sure to provide the same notice. And, of course, we will remove that notice on each container as we learn how to make browser integration work with that technology.


Wayland support is coming! Well, thanks to the Ozone platform, you actually can run 1Password on Wayland systems already.

1password --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform -ozone-platform=wayland

However, the experience is not great on GNOME Shell. The GNOME Shell developers have decided that they will be requiring all applications to provide their own window decoration, and we have not had time to apply that to 1Password yet. You can read more about GNOME Client Side Decorations on the GNOME wiki..

Plasma and Sway users should have no problems and can begin using 1Password on Wayland today.

Installing and Upgrading

You can always download the latest stable release on our website.

On DEB and RPM-based systems, if you install the stable release, your system will automatically track the stable releases. We expect to make a stable release of 1Password every one to two months, but we will continue to release the beta version every week. If you wish to track the beta channel, download from the beta page, instead.

Beta releases are more likely to have regressions than stable. At any time, you can edit these files again to switch back to the stable channel.

That is it for this week! See you again next week with yet more great things.

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