Running without root

I've failed to run recent versions of 1Password on Linux.

Is there any way to run 1P without root access?


  • When you say you're running with root access, do you mean "Unlock using system authentication service" is enabled in Settings > Security?

  • ag_Christianag_Christian

    Team Member

    Hey there, @WhyNotHugo

    I'm coming across this after I saw and answered a similar question you asked on Twitter yesterday as well. 1Password has never needed, and won't, root access in order to run the desktop application itself. It's understandable though how the sign-in and unlocking bugs you were running into made it look that way though.

    With that in mind, it looks like we've addressed your concerns there, but if there's anything else we can help with please let us know.

    I've noted your feedback as well and I'll be seeing if there is anything that can potentially be reworked on our side to make things better.

    Thanks again,

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