Future plans / USP given WWDC announcements

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Given the recent announcmeents from WWDC, specifically:
1. Built in OTP/Authenticator support
2. Broader iCloud Password app for Windows
3. iCloud Passwords extension for Edge

and the other improvements from previous years (compromised password notifications etc) what is 1Password going to do to ensure it stays relevant and actually adds value on top of what Apple is now supporting natively?

Don't get me wrong, I love the App and have been a long time paying member, but given the majority of the features I use it for and becoming built in... it is getting harder to justify the yearly family membership expense.

Are there any future roadmaps or changes that 1Password team members can share, or point to?

If 1Password staff had to sell 1Password today based on the upcoming features from WWDC (and the associated OS's) what would you say makes it better than Apple's implmentation?

(Genuinely not having a go, but i think this is an important discussion to be having).

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  • From my review the USP 1Password has is it supports Android and Linux, but i'm struggling to see many beyond that...what do others think?

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @gussic!

    I think 1Password still offers several features in addition to what you mentioned:

  • @ag_ana

    Thanks - I acknowledge some of those features are truly useful, particularly Linux and Firefox but a large number of the other features are supported variously by Apple natively, specifically:

    • Sharing passwords -> Can be done natively
    • Travel Mode -> Not replicated by Apple - Unique
    • Account recovery -> Supported by Apple, with further function being added later this year (Recovery contacts, deceased estate etc)
    • Organising with tagging -> Not replicated by Apple - Unique
    • Multiple vaults, also for organisation purposes -> Not replicated by Apple - but question the real world usage and utility of this feature outside of a small number of people?
    • Multiple storage types -> Supported by Apple to varying degrees, natively
    • Item history -> Supported to a lesser extent by Apple
    • 2FA -> Supported by Apple
    • CLI support -> Not replicated by Apple - but question real world usage and utility of this feature outside a small number of people?

    As you can see many of the features (not all) are offered by Apple for free - are there some unique features that 1Password is working on to increase the utility and ensure it stays as a genuine 'value-add' for people? If not, will there be discussion of a price cut to reflect that most of the features offered in personal/family can be had for free with Apple?

  • @XIII
    Yeah that looks cool and all - but is the feature uplift that much better than what we currently have with password autofill? To be honest I'd say no (noting that I don't have the benefit of seeing it in action myself, early preview etc). I don't think having an extension take up a lot of the screen on an iPad like that really boosts the user experience much. I think the existing option of pressing where the quick type suggestions usually are is a better implementation.

  • This might be a much bigger threat to 1Password:


    (no more passwords, but public-key-based credentials that use the Web Authentication standard - stored in the Secure Enclave)

  • @gussic It might also be interesting to list features that Apple offers, but 1Password does not (yet).

    The Digital Legacy feature Apple will add to iCloud is something I see a lot of requests for on this forum.

    (Definitely would like to have that in 1Password myself!)

  • @XIII

    Yes the Digital Legacy is a great feature.

    The iCloud+ Private Relay is great as well - sort of a VPN but not.

    The Native integration with Safari without the requirement of an extension is great, but I understand there is no way around that for 1Password.

    The Hide My Email feature I think is absolutely fantastic - I wonder if (in conjunction with a third party) there was a way for 1P to offer that.

    Sign in with Apple - also great as it protects privacy. I understand that takes a certain amount of power to negotiate and force upon developers, but maybe 1P could setup some sort of system that masks an email and name and forwards on?

    Those are just ones I can think of off the top of my head - I'll have a think of some more.

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