Hamburger Abendblatt not working with any browser

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There is one website that I can't get to work with the 1Password extension, no matter which browser I use. It is Hamburger Abendblatt and it looks to me like their overlay is not compatible with 1Password. However even on a subpage with another type of login form my login won't be autofilled. There is no difference whether I click on the browser icon and select "Auto Fill" or if I click inside the fields and then on my login. The problem occurs in Firefox, Chrome and Safari (all on Mac). I haven't been able to check on a windows machine.

Is there something that can be done on my end to fix this behaviour?

Thanks a lot in advance :chuffed:

addendum: screenshot of Abendblatt's homepage showing the login-overlay.

1Password Version: Version 7.8.5 (70805001)
Extension Version: Firefox: 2.0.2
OS Version: macOS Big Sur Version 11.4 (20F71)
Sync Type:


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @to_bias!

    I was able to fill that form here, by entering username and password manually in the form, and clicking on the Save in 1Password button below the form field. Can you try saving the login that way and see if that Login item fills?

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