category for the published standards, bugs against the opvault spec?

I have a specific question, but it is indicative of a bigger question.

The specific question is: in which category should discussions about .opvault interoperability concerns live? I saw that issue on a recent KeePassXC release and wanted to see if there was in fact a hole in the spec, or perhaps a mild regression in how .opvault band files were being written

The bigger question is given the lively discussion about local vaults, and a few questions about the published opvault format that are in the Lounge, might it be reasonable to have a category for "standards" or "interoperability" or ... naming is hard ... that may be more targeted than just putting these miscellaneous threads in the Lounge?

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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @mdaniel!

    I think at the moment the best place would be the Lounge, or in one of the platform-specific sections as a second-best choice. Perhaps we can consider adding more forum categories in the future, but I am not sure how many discussions a section on interoperability would have.

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