When can we expect secret automations integrations with CI ?

I have attended webinar and you guys mentioned about integrating it to CI? when can we expect it to be released?

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  • James_1PJames_1P

    Team Member

    Hi sssanjaya,

    Unfortunately I do not have an explicit timeline to share with you on formal support for CI integrations, we don't commit to release dates to make sure we allow adequate time to develop and test a great solution.

    I can tell you that the team is actively working on this problem now. Is there a specific CI solution that you are looking to integrate with?


  • Yes, I am trying to implement it in gitlab ci, very new to 1password, have setup connect and operator. Will try to implement it in helm charts.
    Please share me some helm chart which have 1password secret implementation? Thank you.

  • James_1PJames_1P

    Team Member

    We don't have any examples at this time of using Secrets Automation in Gitlab CI.

    If you want to include 1Password secrets in your helm chart you will want to look at the operator documentation of the operator and have your helm chart generate custom resource definitions or using metadata annotations to create the necessary Kubernetes secrets.

  • thank you James! what you guys are building is awesome, 1password secrets automation is very promising and cannot wait to find solutions will share a blog how to if I can make it work.

  • James_1PJames_1P

    Team Member

    Thanks sssanjaya! I look forward to hearing how you make out. I am just as excited to see what people outside 1Password do with Secrets Automation as I am for what the team here is building.

  • Sound fun and exciting! Getting hands dirty.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Enjoy! :)

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