1Password is supposed to make passwords easier, right?

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This is not a new problem. I have face unlock enabled, and when offered, it works great. But all to many times, like right now, every time I need to access 1Password, it asks for my long 1Password login to by typed in. Why?

Many sites now separate login name and password on different screens. I’m asked for my 1Password on the login page for username. Fine, If the first time in a long while. But It’s most annoying to be asked again for my password 5 seconds later to enter the password on the next page. And then 10 seconds later again to enter it here. What good is a timeout setting if not used?

Why does this happen? Yesterday it used my face just fine. But today, nope. Not even offered.

What gives? 😞


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @MajorHavoc!

    But all to many times, like right now, every time I need to access 1Password, it asks for my long 1Password login to by typed in. Why?

    In order for AutoFill to work as you expect, you need to unlock the main 1Password app first. Once you have entered your Master Password there once, the following times you will only be prompted for your TouchID (both in the 1Password app and in Password AutoFill).

    If you launch AutoFill before unlocking the main 1Password app, you will keep being prompted for your Master Password there, until you unlock the main 1Password app at least once.

  • Hi. I have done that, and about half the time, the pop-up still asks.

    May I ask that you put a request in the suggestion box please? An option, since others may not like it, to unlock 1Password whenever I unlock the pop-up in a browser. Or maybe, a separate option to set pop-up unlock preferences as well?

    It just seems very silly and unfriendly to keep asking me for my password, especially just a few seconds later, or require that I go unlock something else to make the pop-up in the app easier to use. I do not recall it being this annoying in the past.

    Sorry to complain, but as your app is growing up, it gets more aggravating and annoying to use, and that is not a good thing IMO.

    thank you

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks @MajorHavoc. I totally understand the frustration with having to unlock with the Master Password multiple times in a row. We have some pretty cool stuff planned for iOS that I hope to be able to talk more about soon. I believe it is going to make this experience better. 🤞


  • Thanks Ben. I’ll keep my eyes open for it. Happy to be a beta tester if you like. Just a warning, things seem to break when i use them. :-)

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    On iOS, a user recently tried to join the beta but it looks like the group is currently full. You can also try joining the Testflight program however, every now and then some spots open up:

    Use 1Password beta releases

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