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Hi all -- first time posting here. My wife and I established a 1 password account recently and are learning the intricacies. I installed the 1password plug-in to the Chrome browser. However, we run into issues when trying to have my wife login (#1) and my login (#2) in Chrome. When I click the 1pass plug-in within chrome, it asks for a masterpassword. But only my wife's password (#1) works for this. Is there a way to toggle between hers (#1) and mine(#2) from within Chrome? This is not particularly intuitive and clearly we both have different masterpasswords.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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  • To clarify:

    Are both you and your wife sharing a single Chrome profile? There's no quick switching in 1Password between accounts on a given profile of a browser. You could use two separate Chrome profiles (along with disabling the 1Password desktop integration to allow for separate accounts), but my understanding is the 1Password recommended multiple user same computer workflow is two full separate user accounts.

  • Yes - we both utilize the same administrative login for our Mac. We also utilize a single chrome profile.
    This make me think we really don't need the family account if it is indeed not possible.
    Strong request that this is developed from our end of things!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    For confirmation, do you and your wife use the exact same set of passwords, or do you have password that you are not sharing with each other?

  • We use the same administrative login for the computer. Other than this, we have our own passwords, email, bank login. We keep these separate (ie do NOT have the exact same set of passwords).

  • @plttn

    Well, after doing some digging, I think you had the answer. Just setting up a separate Chrome Profile fixed the issue. Very insightful post. Quick fix for us!


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Indeed, if you need to keep passwords separate despite using the same computer login, a second browser profile (or a second browser) will be required.

    Thank you plttn for the assist :+1:

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