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v8 Ability to reorder/arrange fields



  • dave_dave_
    Community Member

    Thank you, @MrRooni! This is great news.

    @FredericC caught something I overlooked in the video: The website URL field doesn't have a grab handle for reordering (as it did in v7). Is that because there's only one website in this example? Will we be able to reorder those in v8? (I do see some sort of settings button on the website field; I'm curious to see what that enables.)

    Community Member

    @MrRooni the preview vid of rearranging the entries looks great! That really will help a lot. Is there any chance to get the function back to change the type of entry? This is the second function that I am missing so badly.

  • martinpkmartinpk
    Community Member
    edited January 13

    Very encouraged to see this progressing!

    Please consider implementing URL re-ordering too. There are many cases where we add several URLs to an item, and over time it becomes useful to be able to re-order these logically rather than chronologically.
    In terms of UI, it seems consistent to allow re-ordering of everything beyond the base fields.

    A forum accessibility note: I don't have any visual impairments, but it wasn't at all clear to me which page of this long thread I was on:


    Also: the highlighting colour in this theme lacks contrast, and it makes it difficult to edit text, especially since the cursor disappears when using keys to extend selections:


    Thanks for all your great work on 1Password 8!

  • TerylonTerylon
    Community Member

    I watched the preview and I am looking forward to the re-order functions. Looks great! 😀

  • FredericCFredericC
    Community Member

    @dave_ & @martinpk I'm pretty sure the URL ordering have been taken into account ;) crossing fingers now

  • martinpkmartinpk
    Community Member

    @FredericC ah, very pleased to hear that!

  • hegguardohegguardo
    Community Member

    Just catching up with the preview video, looks great and looking forward to it, thanks @MrRooni!

  • NetpogNetpog
    Community Member

    Great to see that preview video. So, @ag_andrew or @MrRooni, can you please confirm that we will ALSO be able to re-order URLs in an item's first section (websites)?

    For me, this is the most important section to re-order. One reason: the first website is the one opened by default with "Open & Fill".

  • sharpjssharpjs
    Community Member

    @MrRooni This closes the biggest user experience gap in v8 for me. Thanks to the 1P team for doing this!

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

    Team Member

    @dave_ @martinpk @FredericC @Netpog If website reordering does not make the first cut of this feature, it will very likely arrive in a subsequent release. We want it too 😀

  • martinpkmartinpk
    Community Member

    @ag_andrew thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • esquaredesquared
    Community Member

    @ag_andrew - Not allowing URL reordering would be VERY sad and incredibly short sighted. Reordering URLs is critical, since the order of the URLs affects things as simple as which URL gets opened by default when one opens a 1password entry, say via the universal auto-fill where the target is a new tab in your browser.

    Can you please get a definitive answer on if URL ordering is or is not going to be included? And if not, emphasize the necessity of it now, not later.

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

    Team Member

    Hi @esquared,

    I appreciate your passion for this feature! It's not a question of disallowing website reordering or ignoring the value, but rather that this (already very large) feature hasn't yet extended to include website fields.

    I understand that not having website fields be reorderable yet is frustrating; we're working to include it as soon as we can.

    As the lead developer on this feature, I can't guarantee that reorderable websites will make the very first cut.

    Thanks for voicing your opinion on this feature; passionate customers always help keep our eye on their biggest pain points, so keep the feedback coming.

    I look forward getting what we have pushed out to your devices soon!

  • esquaredesquared
    Community Member

    @ag_andrew - thank you for more detail. I was unaware that you were a developer, much less the lead developer on this particular feature. To date, the interactions I've had via these forums were exclusively with support staff, not development staff. While the support staff have a great deal of value in explaining how things work, the transparency that you have begun to show is a breath of fresh air after years of merely getting "we hear you and value your feedback" or "we'll let the dev team know" sorts of comments. I highly encourage more of this forthright and transparent interaction with your customer base.

    As for this feature specifically, I am anxiously waiting for the first Beta to drop with it included. I've been running with both 1P7 and 1P8 side-by-side on my system just so I could have access to the missing features (like this one) left out of the first cut of the Electron-based client. I hope the AB/1P team can be equally transparent on the other missing features.

  • onalalibonalalib
    Community Member

    Please allow us to adjust he order of fields. I also want the ability to make Sections & Subsections. Each Section or Subsection should allow as many items as you want (or say 10 max, doesn’t matter). Each item can be configured to set for various data types. Beyond traditional data types. I’d like to ‘click for more’ and find a variety of items such as credit card, SS Number, Phone Number. These advanced data types would format the content appropriately such as +1 (123)-765-2341 or XXX-XX-XXXX for a SS#.

    Within an item, previously used passwords should be available including dates they were active for.

    Some of these features were at least partially available in 1Password 7. I’d like to see them reinstated and approved.

    I’ve been with 1Password for 11 years. Now I’m paying for a Family membership and will likely continue to until I am too old to use a computer. Use the extra revenue from memberships to get some of this development done and you’ll have a lot of happy customers.

  • didelerdideler
    Community Member

    Demo looks great. Thanks Andrew and team. Ship v1 as quickly as you can, doesn't need to be perfect yet, items with fields and sections that need to be reordered are accruing by the thousands daily!

    +1 to esquared's comment

  • raphielraphiel
    Community Member

    i would also really appreciate to see this feature because sometimes I just make a section afterwards and want to move some fields in the section instead of copy pasting them all ...

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member
    edited January 30

    Hey folks! Thanks for the continued helpful feedback here.

    We have a new blog post out about a big new update that's on the way, which includes not only section and field re-ordering (yay!) but also:

    • search within a list of items
    • default vault for saving
    • improved FaceID unlock
    • PIN unlock
    • Better VoiceOver support
    • offline indicator for when you don't have network connectivity
    • advanced domain / subdomain matching

    and a ton more.

    The forums, including your discussion points in this thread, have been a big source of inspiration for us and a compass to guide us towards the most impactful improvements. We can't wait to share the release with you (and to move some of the features to production which have been included in Betas already!).

    More to come - thanks for all your contributions here, and we hope the update delights you when it arrives. 🙏


  • Ivan_KIvan_K
    Community Member

    Great to see these coming, @PeterG_1P.

    From the flow of updates and the blog post above it feels like February 2023 will be "The Return of 1Password" in a big way.

    We are ready :-D

  • viswizviswiz
    Community Member

    @PeterG_1P many great changes but I'm missing one quite often requested change. What about the search UI regression in 1PW8? Instead of using the fairly common approach of just search as you type and showing all results in the middle column 1PW8 switched to a barely usable new approach, i. e. showing only a few prefiltered results in an annyoing popup window and having to press an extra shortcut to get all results. That's a showstopper if you rely on search.

  • JCWJCW Junior Member
    Community Member

    Great to see this. I was about to add my +1 for the ability to reorder/arrange fields.

  • NetpogNetpog
    Community Member

    Thank you, @ag_andrew and @PeterG_1P, for your reassurance that URL-reordering is coming and ESPECIALLY for your gracious patience -- gratitude, even -- towards users like me who rail at you about so many feature & UI changes.

    I just helped some friends switch to 1Password. One of the key virtues that I touted (right after the secret key, and your being fundamentally more responsible people than LogMeIn/LastPass) was the fact that this forum exists, with the 1Password team listening & responding thoughtfully. Again, thanks.

  • NetpogNetpog
    Community Member

    @viswiz, Yeah, the search-UI change is a great annoyance to me, too. I simply CANNOT remember to hit Ctrl+Enter in order to see the expected & traditional search results.

    The fact this change was made -- and was done without a mitigating Setting that would let us toggle the behavior of Enter/Ctrl+Enter -- suggests a lack of user feedback on the new design, and an inadequate user panel & user-testing pool.

    As do the decisions to remove such features such as website-reordering and (the MacOS-only) "Clean up duplicates".

    (Happily, the former is being reversed, if only after the appearance of our pitchforks & torches outside the castle walls.)

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Thanks for the kind words, folks. We are really excited to bring the update to you!

    Regarding search: there are some improvements coming in this release (specifically the ability to search within any list of items on the mobile apps, and some under-the-hood performance improvements as well). It won't match the full list of search-related requests you've offered us here in the forums, but by the same token we plan to keep more improvements coming after this release - there's just a bunch coming all at once, soon, and we felt that merited a mention.

    I hope in any case that you'll find the update to be a welcome one, and that it substantially improves your experience. I'm personally very excited about the number of bugs squashed and feature improvements implemented, and specifically how closely the list as a whole reflects what you've told us we should focus on.

    And we in customer support will keep listening and advocating on your behalf! 🤓

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