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Howdy, everyone! It's Monday, and that means....

Time for a new beta of 1Password!

This week is mostly a bug fix release. We've fixed quite a few annoying problems internally and fixed up some problems in the user interface. We have a gorgeous new About page. Using Control + S to save an item that you are editing now works again, you can add a tag to an item by pressing enter when you are done typing the tag, we improved support for authentication with Duo, and you can now copy an item to the same vault containing the original item. Check out our release notes for more details.

Several users noticed that 1Password uses significant processor time when viewing an item with a one-time password. We tracked the problem to animation that we display next to the one-time passwords, so this week we replaced that animation with a greatly optimized version.

If you have been seeing this, you can fix the problem by turning off animations. Open Gnome Tweaks, and under General, you can disable Animations. Restart 1Password, and you should see much better performance on those items.

Installing and Upgrading

You can always download the latest stable release on our website.

On DEB and RPM-based systems, if you install the stable release, your system will automatically track the stable releases. We expect to make a stable release of 1Password every one to two months, but we will continue to release the beta version every week. If you wish to track the beta channel, download from the beta page, instead.

Beta releases are more likely to have regressions than stable. At any time, you can edit these files again to switch back to the stable channel.

That is it for this week! See you again next week.


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