Is it possible to add a feature to autofill billing information on credit card templates?

Would love to see the following feature added to 1Password in the browser:

  • Additional fields under a "billing information" subheading for "credit card" item types
  • Autofill for billing fields after triggering autofill for a particular card

Would be super nice since billing info is tied to the card and basically have to fill it out manually ever single time. It would also encourage me to keep my billing address information on the cards up-to-date, would be great to reference when updating after a move.

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  • ag_ana
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    edited June 2021

    Hi @Vash!

    Additional fields under a "billing information" subheading for "credit card" item types

    This you can already do with custom fields:

    Customize your 1Password items

    Autofill for billing fields after triggering autofill for a particular card

    Have you considered using Identity items for your billing information, so you can also fill your address?

  • ethomp
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    I completely agree with @Vash. Sometimes, like Stripe or some other "popup" fills, only the ZIP code (in the US) is required. Having that associated with the card would be great.

    Also, my shipping and billing addresses are almost always different. I use identities extensively. However, when set to "Suggestions," when it comes to filling in a credit card and possible billing address, sometime only credit cards are suggested. I think this is most frequent with multi-screen checkouts or with "expanding" billing address.

    The billing address, name on card, etc will not change, whereas the name and address for the card can and do. If I use an identity to fill out the shipping info, choose a card, and then choose an identity to fill in the billing address, I have to be careful to check that the shipping address name didn't change. Likewise, if I were to then choose a shipping address identity, it frequently changes the billing fields.

    I must admit that while I'm a huge 1P aficionado and evangelist, LastPass really nailed this feature as well as the option to not fill in already filled in fields (and thus avoiding some of the headaches mentioned above).

    For adding fields to a credit card entry, I'm not sure what the 1P "brain" uses, so I'm not 100% sure what the field names should be. I'm trying the added fields for a couple of cards.

  • ag_yaron
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    Hey @ethomp ,
    Thanks for the great feedback and input here!

    If you're using custom fields in your credit card item, they will only work if their name matches the field on the website (e.g. it's HTML id or name, or its label), so that might work in some cases, but not in others. As we know, most websites don't adhere to the standard and often make up their own names to fields.

    The good news is that we're definitely working on improving things. The next update for 1Password in the browser should contain an improvement to identity suggestions, so it will suggest identities automatically when you are focusing an address field.

    We also plan on implementing changes to when 1Password overwrites already filled fields in the future, so hopefully things will get even better then :)

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! Much appreciated.

    ref: dev/core/core#1196

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