SCIM bridge support for Google Workspace/Google IdP?

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unfortunately the original thread about the SCIM support for Google Workspace has been closed.

At the moment we have around 150 users in Google WS. I would like to handle them via a the SCIM bridge with Google WS.

Are there any updates on this topic?


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  • Unfortunately we don't have an update. I will add you to the ticket tracking this though :)

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    Hi, I'd like to be added to the tracking ticket for Google Workspace, too. Thanks!

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    I will do that @oratner, thank you :+1:

    ref: dev/b5/op#865

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    Please add me to the ticket as well, thanks!

  • Hey @dwhitealtoneuro:

    Done! :smile:

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    Please add me to this ticket tracking too! 😊

  • Hi @devmilroy.

    Thanks for your message. I've added to our internal tracking ticket.

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    Please add me to the tracking ticket for this, as it's something that will be huge for our team and have been waiting for this since the original post back in 2019!

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    Would also love to be added to the tracking ticket for this, thank you team!

  • No problem @coreytsd. Done! 🙂

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    Can you please add me to the tracking of this ticket.
    Would love auto provisioning support with Google

  • Sure @drolleman. I added you to the list. 🙂

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    Would love to be in the loop on this as well.

  • Hi @timchambers. Added you to the list as well!

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    My company needs this as well. Please loop me in too!

  • Hi @ApickensCast, thanks for your interest in this integration. I've also added you to the list.

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    If it is still possible I would love to be on the ticket as well :)

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    For those looking for an interim solution until 1Password is able to get this built (which looks unlikely honestly)

    We are heavy Google Workspace users ourselves but there are the occasional apps that don't support Google SCIM (e.g. Apple Business until recently, 1Password, any custom apps etc). What we did to resolve this was pretty simple (and free).

    1. Sign up for a Microsoft Azure account and provision a Microsoft Azure AD (free tier)
    2. Set up the Microsoft O365 App in Google (which then keeps your Google directory 1 way synced to your Microsoft AD)
    3. Set up SSO into O365 such that Google is the authorization master/federator for your O365/Azure AD.
    4. Now set up SCIM provision/deprovision from the 1password bridge using their supported Azure AD approach.

    The result is that instead of being provisioned directly by Google, it is provisioned by Microsoft. There is a very slight additional delay in deprovisioning and provisioning of users, but it's never been long enough to matter for us and this approach has been rock solid for quite some time.

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