Why Am I Being Charged $5.99 Per Month (Billed Annually) For 1Password Families ?

I know there have been multiple discussions on this topic, all now closed, but it is still happening.

My renewal notice came through and shows $5.99 Per Month (Billed Annually) + Tax - see copy of invoice below
The 1Password website clearly shows $4.99 Per Month (Billed Annually) + Tax.

I didn't check last year, and paid for 2020/21 at the higher rate $59.85 + $11.97 Tax

I refuse to be ripped off for another year.

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  • It is very odd, because if I go into the billings section of 1Password online I see :

    But if I then click on Billing Settings it shows :

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    We don't discuss account specific details in the forum. However, you're always welcome to reach out to our billing team. Please use [email protected] to do so.

    edit: I see you have sent us an email already. Let's continue the conversation there. Someone will be with you as soon as possible.

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    Thank you for your reply, I have already contacted support, but no reply yet except from your auto-reply robot.

    I have found that this is a recurring topic in the forums, a quick search for $4.99 brings up 288 questions, the majority of which are from users who have been sent a higher renewal charge.

    I therefore challenge your statement on this being Account Specific, as multiple users are reporting the same issue.

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    The billing team has let me know they reached out to you. Please continue the conversation with them. To prevent duplication of efforts I am going to close this topic. We look forward to hearing from you via the email exchange.

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