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Title says it all. Knowledgebase returns no answers for the search "how to submit a feature request." No community subsection dedicated to feature requests. Even this question cannot be properly categorized because it is a higher-level community/overall functionality (not platform specific) issue but the category pull down has neither of those options! Choosing "lounge" as a category because I have to; not that it's the right one.

If the response is to provide previously unpublished process steps to follow, please do so in the context of a user wanting to provide a feature request related to identity functionality. Again, no category seems appropriate for such high-level functionality so please include instructions on "where" to put this.

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    What sort of idea did you have in mind?

  • The priority is "how to," not "what," @ag_tommy. I need you to teach me how to fish, not catch me a fish.

    Is there even a process to follow? Form to complete? Knowledgebase article to refer to for instructions? Instructions on how to categorize a post that does not fit into the community category names?

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    You can just let me or one of the other staff members know what you would like suggest and I/we can relay that information. We listen to our family members no matter where they may happen to post a question, feedback, suggestion, or feature request. Please chose a category that you think best fits and if needed we can move to the post to another location if necessary.

  • A dedicated feature request area is a good way to separate ideas not widely needed that were strongly and well written from those needed by many and perhaps not expressed well or strongly in a request. I'm certain you want to address the needs of many over the needs of one or two.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the feedback @senioruserfriendly :+1:

  • I would like additional options for the password generator. Some sites only allow specific special characters. Others require lower, alpha and special. Here are two websites that give greater flexibility

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I will be happy to pass your suggestion to the team, although these changes were done explicitly for security reasons, so it's possible that the generator will remain as it is. In summmary, they increase the randomness of the generated passwords. If you are interested in the technical details behind it, please see this post from our security team.

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