Put !password on hold hoping for changes

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I have migrated to Bitwarden & LastPass, which both work almost 100% on my android device & my Chromebook. The biggest problem I've been having with 1 password is autofill. 1password refuses to autofill on a lot of accounts (only on android, my note 9 android device running android 10)
1pssword Works nearly flawlessly on my Chromebook except one issue and that is if I get a new website the 1password won't ask me if I want to save it. I have to manually save it.

On my Android phone, I can't get 1 password to log me in. Bitwarden in LastPass do it flawlessly.

I really like one password and I hope that this issue can be fixed, I can't be the only one having these problems?

Let me know if there's any new things that are going to be happening to make 1Password easier to use with your Android device.

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  • Hi @kram5819. Between Autofill, Accessibility, and drag and drop, you should be able to fill into most websites in supported browsers, and most apps. However, there are some places 1Password can't fill and we appreciate you reporting those to us so we can test them and report them to our developers. We are hoping to make improvements to Autofill soon, so stay tuned!

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