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Hi Team,

Seems like if I edit any items in my vaults via 1Password for linux, the username entry becomes a "---" in the item list. The username is not technically lost, when I open the specific item it is still there, but it's no longer visible in search results and popup suggestions. (It is consistently a "---" across the 1Password for linux app, in the browser or in the webui as well)

If I edit the item on the web, the username preview is "restored", it is shown again on all platform. No need to actually change anything, just edit and save on the webui.

Is this a known limitation or bug in the application? Is it reproducible for other people?

As I often have many accounts at some providers, it was very convenient to sneakpeak the username upon selection, so i don't have to "name" my items differently.

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  • Hey there @herczegzsolt, thanks so much for writing in! I'm sorry to hear you're running into this issue. I've just tested this out personally and I'm having a hard time reproducing it - editing items on my end and saving them doesn't seem to replace the username with ---.

    Could you tell me what version of 1Password you are using, along with your Distro version? If you also have noticed that a specific set of steps reproduces this behavior, let me know and I'll try and make it happen on my end. Thanks, I look forward to hearing back! :smile:

  • herczegzsolt
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    Hi Dayton, Thanks for getting back to me.

    I was able to consistently trigger this when I was reporting it, unfortunately I did not note down the version number. The issue is not present for me right know. I have the 1Password apt repository configured, so the app has probably upgraded since. My current version is 8.1.0-66.BETA. This version seems to be unaffected. My OS is Ubuntu 21.04.

    I'd say let's hope this is resolved already. If it ever happens again i'll make sure to note the exact package and 1password versions and the reproduction steps.

  • Hey @herczegzsolt, I'm glad to hear this is resolved! That said, do let me know if you see it resurface, and we can dig in and get things sorted out. Thanks! :smile:

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