Is Shifting From License To Membership Reversible?

Hi, I’m a longtime user of 1Password for Mac and iOS, since before memberships existed. I have licenses for the versions I use, and sync via iCloud, which has always been sufficient. Now that there is a client for Linux, I’d like to use that, too. From what I can tell, stand-alone licenses are not offered for the Linux version, so syncing into Linux would require subscribing to a 1Password membership and transferring the vaults on my Macs and iOS devices to that membership. (If I’m wrong, and there’s another way, please advise!)

Suppose I do this, and then at some point in the future I decide I no longer wish to subscribe. Would it be possible for me to go back to using 1Password the way I do now?

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: iCloud


  • I can't speak to whether or not membership back to license is possible (I assume it is, but predicated on the license existing), but what I can tell you is that as of now, licenses are no longer available for purchase and 1Password 8 (now in early access for Windows) will not support any vaults other than accounts and as such will not support licenses, so in a more overarching way of thinking about it, no.

    See this post by Dave for more info:

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    What plttn wrote is correct. In case you change your mind, since you already have a license, I think you can move your data back to your Primary vault:

    Move and copy items

    However, since 1Password for Linux does not support standalone vaults, you would not be able to do that there, you would need 1Password for Mac, for example.

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    While it may be possible to revert, it likely isn't going to be practical. For one, transferring data from membership-based vaults to standalone vaults isn't lossless. There are features supported in membership-based vaults that never existed in standalone vaults, such as Document items. Additionally as licenses and standalone vaults have been discontinued you'd be moving backward in terms of support. There are new versions of macOS and iOS coming soon and I can't guarantee that what works now with the currently available versions of those systems will still work with new versions of them. Lastly, as pointed out, if you were to revert, you'd be giving up 1Password for Linux.

    A big part of staying secure is staying up to date, and the way to do that with 1Password going forward is with 1Password membership. If you have concerns about that I would strongly encourage you to get in touch with our transition specialists at [email protected] — they have the answers to lots of questions in this regard.


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