Concerned about Backups really happening, blank backup list, et al

Checking settings, I see no Backups listed in the Backups tab. "Show Files" greyed out. Says, "1Password accounts are automatically backup up on Standalone vaults are backed up only if folder sync is enabled..." Shouldn't I see some kind of confirmation of backup files/dates in the backups tab? HELP got no useful hits on how to ensure folder sync is enabled for standalone vaults. I'd prefer to rely on your backup, but with a LOCAL "backup backup," just in case. Lastly, cannot find where the cloud backup options and settings are (icloud? dropbox? others?). Backups tab only shows the blank window, no other information or options.

(I have to say, your help files seem kinda shallow and specific, so dependency on the community is key for any non-simple inquiries. However, searches in the community provides a plethora of unrelated hits on any search, so it becomes a hunt for answers. So it's necessary to write out questions like this. Just my two cents' impression.)

P.S. There is no "MORE" in when finding the 1Password Firefox Extension. Found it, but not by the provided instructions.

1Password Version: 7.7.810
Extension Version: 2.0.4
OS Version: Windows
Sync Type: 1PW, want local also
Referrer: forum-search:sync folders


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    Hi @RJRains!

    Backups tab only shows the blank window, no other information or options.

    The Backups tab only shows local backups, which are there only if you have standalone vaults in your 1Password app. From what you are saying, it sounds like you don't have any, so your data is backed up directly on

    Our developers are looking at ways to offer also additional backup options in the future, so hopefully this is something that will come in a future update also for vaults on

    Lastly, cannot find where the cloud backup options and settings are (icloud? dropbox? others?).

    Backups are taken automatically, daily, on If you need to restore previous versions of items, you can do so with the item history feature:

    View and restore previous versions of items

    iCloud and Dropbox are not used at all if you are syncing your data to

  • @RJRains 1Password does not support local backup of membership accounts. With 1Password 7 you can create a local vault and copy the contents of your vaults to this. I looked at this but decided against because I couldn't find a way to do an incremental backup. However, it seems like even this will no longer be an option from 1Password 8.
    What risks are you trying to cover? The main ones I can think of are as follows:
    1. 1Password servers go offline: the desktop app keeps a local copy you can carry on using and you can export from that at any time.
    2. 1Password servers are corrupted: 1Password can recover from its own daily backups.
    3. 1Password apps are unavailable: it doesn't make sense to have a continually sync'ing backup which could be corrupted or to rely on 1Password software to do that backup. So I export a snapshot to CSV every few months and import this into a local Keepass database.

  • That helps the understanding. Thanx.
    What should I see in the Backups tab in settings, since 1PW doesn't suppirt local account backups? It's blank and button greyed out. Doesn't even show 1PW server backups. Why is it there?

  • @RJRains My Settings -> Backup tab is also blank and the "Show files" button is greyed out. I think a file appeared here when I created a local vault, so I assume it is intended just for backups of local vaults.
    The text is a bit confusing because it says that 1Password accounts are automatically backed up on, but it is silent on whether those backups should appear in the list. My guess is that the list is of local backups and that server backups are at a higher level covering multiple accounts, but the title and wording could be improved.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Indeed, the Backups tab only lists the standalone backups :+1: Perhaps in the future the same tab can be used for backups of vaults, but as I mentioned above, we are not quite there yet, but it would be nice if we could use the same area to list the backups, since it's there already.

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