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I have a personal membership with different vaults. At some point, I would like to use my account with my employer’s laptop to access work-related items. I was wondering if there is a way to “login” to a sub-account dedicated only for business purpose? This way my personal vaults won’t be downloaded/accessed on that machine. Is this possible? Is there a best practice when it comes to such use-case when you don’t want to mix your personal and business stuff without creating a second account?


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    Hi @raphaelcp,

    Great question, and thanks for taking the time to post here. 👋

    First, if your employer is subscribed to 1Password Business or Teams at work, they'll be able to invite you as a separate member of that account. Each 1Password account is a separate entity, complete with its own users, groups, and vaults. This would allow you to store your work-related items in vaults in the employer-provided vault, while keeping your personal information contained in vaults in your personal account. I understand this likely isn't the case with your situation, though I wanted to provide details about this in case your employer decides to pick up 1Password for company use in the future.

    As it stands, there isn't a way to create a "sub-account" within an existing 1Password account to house your work data. When you sign in to an individual or family account in the 1Password app on a device, you'll have access to every vault that you have permissions to view. If you're using 1Password Families at home, what you could do is invite yourself as a separate guest. From there, you could create a vault to store your work information and assign that to the guest. You could then sign in to the guest account at work to access that data.

    Share with guests in 1Password Families

    Another option is to enable Travel Mode and mark your work vault as "Safe for Travel". This would ensure that only that particular work vault would be accessible in the 1Password desktop application on your work computer. Just to note, if you were to sign in to the 1Password.com web interface in your browser, all vaults in your account would be present. This option would also become a bit unwieldy after a while, as you would need to disable Travel Mode upon coming home.

    Use Travel Mode to remove vaults from your devices when you travel

    I hope one of these solutions works for you. If you have any questions or need help with anything else, keep us posted.


    For anyone else reading this thread, if you're using 1Password Business/Teams and an individual or family account, instead of following the guest and Travel Mode suggestions, you can learn how to manage your two accounts here.

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