1Password couldn’t complete its update


I have done 2 updates since installing the 1PW 8 Beta. Both times I have had the "1Password couldn’t complete its update" error. Using the steps under "Check if your Local App Data folder is read-only", I have allowed the attributes for everything in the AppData folder to be changed. That finally allows the update to complete.

This NEVER was an issue with 1PW 7. The attribute process takes a 3 or 4 minutes to complete. Is this a 1PW bug or an issue with Windows?

1Password Version: 8.1.2-2
Extension Version: 2.0.5
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hey @VirgilBoy, thanks for letting us know about this. I'll be happy to help figure out this out. Can you e-mail us at support+windows@1Password.com so our team can follow up? Anything that involves specifics about your device security settings we of course want to go over with you privately. 👍

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