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I've had a 1Password Personal account for a little while now, having migrated over from LastPass. Last night I set up a 1Password Business account for my work, using my work e-mail address and claimed the 1Password Families offering that comes with the Business offering on my personal account. So now I have 2 accounts, work based and private and I'd like to keep those two separate. I believe I can only log in to one account at a time in the app? The issue is that I do work tasks on my personal PC at home, and also have personal logins I occasionally use when at work. The ideal scenario would be to create a shared vault that both accounts have access to and put my work logins in there, and whenever I need to use a personal login when at work I can transfer it from my personal accounts private vault to the shared one. I can't find a way to do this though, is it possible? The best case scenario is that I can create this shared vault from my personal account and give the work account access so that owners and administrators can't see/manage it from the Business subscription side.

Is there any best practice or recommendation for how to set up separate personal and work accounts? I've seen the thread below that talks about using Travel Mode and guest accounts, I am just confused as to why offer the Business users free Families accounts if you have to come up with a bodge and workaround just to be able to use both account types?

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  • Hi @MattAshton,

    Welcome to the 1Password Support Community. I'll be more than happy to answer your question regarding using multiple accounts. 👋

    I understand you've been using a personal account for some time and have also set up 1Password Business recently. Since you now have two accounts, you'll actually be able to set up the 1Password desktop and mobile apps to access both accounts on your devices. Each 1Password account is a fully separate entity, complete with its own users, vaults, and items. You'll have your own Master Password and Secret Key for each account, and you'll use this information to sign in on your devices.

    To start, you can add both accounts to the same 1Password desktop or mobile application. You aren't restricted to using a single account on these platforms.

    How to add your 1Password account to the apps

    With both accounts now present in the same 1Password app, this will allow you to move and copy items between vaults in both accounts. Storing the items you need for work in vaults within your business account, and storing any personal (non-work related) items in vaults in your family account will keep things simple and easy to manage.

    Move or copy items in the apps

    To see a more complete overview of how best to manage your two accounts, I recommend viewing this support article:

    How to use multiple accounts

    I've seen the thread below that talks about using Travel Mode and guest accounts...

    Regarding the other thread you found, that scenario is a bit different, as that community member was only using a personal account to store their personal and work data. They weren't using 1Password Business and they wanted to prevent their personal data from being accessed on their work device. In your scenario, you have access to a business account, so you can safely disregard the workarounds found in that thread.

    I hope this helps and please keep me posted if you have any additional questions.

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