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Hi there! I found myself on 1password as I understand SecretHub has joined forced with 1password. I was interested in trying the SecretHub service to store secrets for deployed Dockerhub Automated Build containers such that the environment variables stored in SecretHub would be called on runtime and would otherwise never be exposed or stored in any way. I looked through the interface and nothing jumped out to me immediately in terms of means to accomplish this so I felt I would be best to reach out here and get an idea what best practices are, and better yet if anyone has experience doing this or similar and could be a guiding hand! <3

Hope this describes succinctly enough what I want - I will add a tl;dr shorthand version:

New to 1password, want to use SecretHub to store Environment Variables for use in Automated Build DockerHub containers from GitHub Repository.

Thanks, and as always,

Keep the Fire Alive Inside You! <3

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  • simon_1Psimon_1P

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    Hi @BaronXOfficial, this is Simon from SecretHub. I've joined 1Password together with the entire SecretHub team and we're working on 1Password Secrets Automation, 1Passwords secrets management solution. You'll want to use Secrets Automation instead of SecretHub.

    Do you currently have an account on SecretHub, or are you new to both solutions? If you do already have an account on SecretHub, I recommend you check out, which covers how you can migrate your secrets and integrations from SecretHub to 1Password. The page also includes links to schedule a call with us, in case you want to create or validate a migration plan together. We'd also love to hear your feedback!

    More specifically regarding the use case you're describing: if I understand correctly, you want to pass secrets stored in 1Password as environment variables to an automated process that builds your Docker images. Did I understand that correctly?
    Is this automated process running on DockerHub? If so, in what phase of the build process do you need the secrets (e.g. test, build, push)?
    Or is this automated build process running somewhere else (e.g. GitHub Actions or another CI/CD pipeline) and are you just pushing images to DockerHub?

    Welcome to 1Password! :smile:

  • simon_1Psimon_1P

    Team Member

    After reading your post again, I realize I may have misunderstood. Are the secret environment variables needed for the process that's testing/building/pushing the Docker image, or are they needed when running the Docker container?

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