Fuzzy Windows tray icon


Currently the 1P icon in the Windows tray is a it fuzzy, it's probably a too low resolution .ico file? Might be worth considering upgrading the resolution here.

Note that I reported this before for v7 but it was never fixed https://1password.community/discussion/108627/fuzzy-windows-tray-icon#latest

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  • Blake
    edited July 2021

    Hi @Stanzilla 👋

    Thanks for reporting this to us! The system tray icon shown there for 1Password 8 for Windows definitely looks a bit wacky, though I did find out that changing Windows Scaling settings to 125% seems to alleviate things -- so I think the issue may be that the icon is too high of a resolution, and Windows is downscaling it in a way that makes it look not-so-great.

    I'll get this filed away with our development team so we can take a closer look at how to make this better! 😊

  • Stanzilla
    Community Member

    Oh interesting, I assumed it had something to do with Windows scaling but not that it was actually a too high res, hah.

  • @Stanzilla I was in the same boat as you, I didn't expect it to be too HD :sweat: As my friend @Blake mentioned, we'll get this filed for the Dev team to examine. :smile:

    ref: /dev/core/core/#5810

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