Importing "1password.agilekeychain" into 1Password account on a new Mac

I'm about to sign up for a 1Password subscription (in case it makes any difference, it will be for 1Password Families, on the server).

I've previously used 1Password for a very long time (starting with version 3 I think, up to version 6.8.9), and my data are still in a standalone "1Password.agilekeychain" (which i understand is the old format) in Dropbox.

However, my previous Mac (running Mojave and 1Password 6.8.9) has died and I will be setting everything up on a new machine with a fresh install of macOS (Big Sur 11.4). So, I don't have any version of 1Password installed yet on the new Mac at all (neither v6 nor v7). Can I still follow the instructions on or is there a different procedure I should follow because of this?

Do I just go straight to installing v7 on the new Mac? Will it automatically detect the 1Password.agilekeychain in Dropbox? And, is there anything special I should do to make sure the migration goes cleanly?

Also, if I want to set up other family members and shared vaults first, can I wait before importing in my old data until I've got the family stuff set up the way I'd like it (i.e. will it give me the choice of when to do it), or do I have to import my old data right at the start?

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OS Version: macOS 11.4
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    Typically each user has a personal vault with the data imported into it. You can however create the share and move the data into it if you like. Each user will have their own account and Master Password under the Main account umbrella if you will.

    The importer will ask where you want to import from. It sounds like you'll want to use the 1Password 6 option.

    We have a team who can assist you through the process if you like or prefer a more one on one approach. If so, please write to us using [email protected] be sure to include a link to this topic and your community username. That will hopefully help and you want need to repeat yourself.

    username: nettle

  • Thank you very much, @ag_tommy! That sounds clear to me. I'm happy to try to do the import myself first, but I'll contact the support team if I get stuck.

    I have a couple of other questions about the membership (I'm not sure if it would be better to start a separate thread, but if so I'm happy to do so):

    1) If I subscribe through the Mac App Store or the iOS App Store, do I have to use only the Mac App Store version of 1Password on my Mac, or can I choose to download the desktop app from Agilebits, even if my actual payment/subscription is managed through Apple?

    2) My Apple ID email address that I use for Apple purchases (which I presume would be associated with the subscription if I subscribe through Apple) is different from the email address I would like to use for my 1Password account (i.e. the address I would use to sign in Is that allowed, or will it cause problems?

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    1. You can use either version of the App. The place you subscribed is not important.
    2. The account is not tied to your Apple ID. That's one of the great things if you ever decide to switch to direct billing.

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