Losing Posts After Minor Edit

I just lost a post that I spent some time preparing. This has happened a number of times and it makes me think twice before posting on this forum.
I had successfully posted my response, but the format displayed after posting didn't match that during editing making it difficult to read. So I returned to the post to make some minor edits, clicked post and it disappeared. I guess it was identified as spam because there were two posts within less than a minute. But can't the system distinguish between two separate posts and two posts of the same item? Why offer the edit function when it often leads to a post being lost?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member
    edited July 15

    Hi @rootzero

    You're right: it was stuck in spam. Sorry about that. Fortunately that means the post wasn't lost, just unavailable until reviewed. I've reviewed it and allowed it through the filter. Unfortunately as with email-based spam filters it isn't a perfect system and does require some manual review.


    P.S. You can click the 'preview' button while composing to see how your formatting will look once posted

  • Tertius3Tertius3
    edited July 15

    This has happened to me as well twice or thrice, with elaborate posts that took long to create, and this is literally the first forum with such a flaw. I edit my post, and poof, it's gone. Did I pressed the delete key by accident? Or what happened?

    Such unreliable forum behavior makes me not wanting to post any more, since I always edit my posts afterwards to get rid of that one mistake I didn't see. And after that another edit to get rid of that final mistake I still overlooked.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    I did not find a post in the Spam queue. :(

  • It was a few weeks ago. One post was recovered by the support as far as I remember, another was written again by me and posted again. It was in the Android forum. May be the hidden-as-spam version was removed by the moderation as duplicate, although I rewrote it from scratch.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Sorry about that @Tertius3. I'm not seeing any posts from you in any of the queues. :(


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