Multiple replicas in k8s and redis

Hi! I've been running the SCIM bridge in k8s (Openshift) for a while and it's been great. I'm running with one replica (bridge + redis). I'm moving to a new k8s cluster (Rancher) and I have it set up so that the bridge and redis both run in the same pod. Can I have multiple pods like this:

bridge0/redis0 + bridge1/redis1 + ... + bridgeN/redisN

Or should all the replicas share a redis instance? OR should I just run one instance of the bridge. Seems like having >1 would be good for high availability. I'm running the latest bridge if that matters.


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  • DJ_1PDJ_1P 1Password Alumni

    Hi @cwalkatron

    Running one instance of the SCIM Bridge is sufficient; it isn't a high availability service and won't take advantage of multiple replicas. I hope this helps!

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