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We are finally investigating a proper password management solution at my work. I am wondering if Business/Teams supports a function for allowing a guest to add passwords to a vault, but not view any of the passwords.

In the course of our work we need the customer to provide credentials to us - and many (despite being large enterprises) do not have real password management systems they can share to us with. We'd like to provide guest access to them to upload the credentials we need securely.

Ideally they'd have their own password management system with guest access they could grant us access to instead, but at least this way they dont email them to us, or set them to companyZIPCODE! or such.

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    Hi @codyfrisch, 👋

    I'm very glad to hear your team is looking to start using a password manager. To your question, this is absolutely possible with 1Password Business. You can invite contractors, customers, and any other individuals who need limited access to your 1Password account as guests). You can create a vault for your guests, restrict them to the View Items and Create Items permissions. This will ensure they're only able to create new items and view existing items within that vault (except for concealed passwords).

    As long as guests lack the View and Copy Passwords Client Setting, they won't be able to view any concealed passwords within that vault in the 1Password ecosystem. You can read more about that from a colleague's reply, here.

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