Something up with Citi (USA) on Mac through Chrome?

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Can't log into Citi (USA) using Chrome on my Mac. Citi login screen simply redisplays. Works fine using Firefox or Safari on Mac as well as on my iPhone. Latest production versions of all 1P and OS and browser software.

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  • williakzwilliakz
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    Update to my last:

    Problem appears to be related to Citi's (oh-so-helpful) masking of my User ID which operates to confound 1Password's secure info filling and causes the site login to fail. Going through Citi's User ID clearing procedures allows 1Password's entries to work once again (once). Problem not restricted to Chrome—same with other browsers. Reason they worked before was they hadn't (yet) been instructed to save the User ID since I rarely use browsers other than Chrome.

    BTW, I'm seeing more and more of this: sites imposing complex and inconsistent User ID/password entry procedures as well as adding their own biometric options. It's a complicated world and becoming more so every day...

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @williakz ,
    Welcome to our world :)

    We're fighting 24/7 to get 1Password to work on as many websites as possible and continuously fix and enhance its performance whenever we encounter problematic websites, but some of them are just too far gone or have actually built login forms that were designed to prevent autofilling.

    Banks and financial institutes are leading that list. So much that we actually wrote an open letter that our users can copy and send their bank's support, in hopes that enough users send it so they'll consider implementing a standard login form. You can find it here:

    Feel free to send us links to problematic login pages as you encounter them and we'll do our best to investigate and (if possible) fix it.

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