Returning a malfunctioning PC with my 1password on it

You can probably figure out the rest of my question but in case you don't want to assume.

Purchased a new PC (windows 10 home 64) loaded all my stuff along with my 1password. After about a week I started having issues where windows got stuck in a startup loop where it wouldn't load and I couldn't (along with supports help) reinstall windows. They said send pc back and they would send me a new one. Immediately my only concern was my 1password being loaded on. I feel good about my master passcode (maybe it is time to change that...god that will be painful). Reading that sentence back it seems like I'm complaining about remembering one password but man that is the most important one literally in my life.

So, should I change my master passcode (because of this or as a best practice (how often)) and I didn't have my master key (emergency kit) on the pc that I can remember but is there a way to generate a new on if I wanted?

Also, what steps would you folks take (if any) if this happened to you so I can be a better preparer?


Scott P

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  • @runningp Your master password is not stored on your PC, so there is no need to change it.
    Your secret key is stored on your PC, so you might want to change it. You can also remove the PC's app and browsers from the list of authorised devices.

  • This is perfect! Thanks so much for the reply.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @runningp - just remember that if you change your Secret Key, you'll need to sign in again on every device where you use 1Password (browser or native app), because the credentials will have changed. Otherwise, I agree with rootzero: as long as you did not write your Master Password down anywhere in cleartext on your PC, there's no reason to change it as we don't store it anywhere.

    Regarding regular changes for your Master Password, we don't see any need to do that for most users unless you've reason to suspect it may have been compromised (for example, someone finding your Emergency Kit that had your password written on it, or similar).

  • Thanks Lars, you guys have once again made me love your product (even more). 1Password is one of those things I've used so long I was beginning to wonder if I had fallen into bad habits since it really just so easy.
    Please keep up the great work with your life mission of allowing me to only remember one password.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @runningp - anytime! Thanks for being a long-time user, we really appreciate it and hope we continue to earn your trust - and spark your enjoyment - for many years to come. :)

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