Can I use a Yubico key in substitution of masterpassword?

It would be nice if all I had to do is plug-in hardware and tap on it. My master password is long and a pain to keep typing.

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  • YubiKey is designed to be a second factor, not the only factor. With 1Password the only time it is used is when setting up a new device, and even then, only a limited set of devices are supported. Biometric systems such as Touch ID can help you type your Master Password less often.

  • If you only use 1Password on non-mobile devices you might be able to do it, but I'd strongly recommend against that.

    (You can program the YubiKey to output a constant string when tapped; this could be your master password... Super insecure though!)

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    I would recommend against it. Only the 1Password password is what protects your data. It's best to have it committed to memory.

    How to choose a good 1Password password may be helpful

  • @mcbenefits As mentioned by @XIII, one option is to use the YubiKey in static password mode. To make this secure you could store the first part of your password on the YubiKey and commit the last 10-12 characters to memory. To avoid locking yourself out you should keep a record of the part of the password stored in the YubiKey and/or programme the same static password into multiple YubiKeys.
    Note that not all YubiKeys support static password mode, so check before buying. And the YubiKey emulates a keyboard, so you need to choose password characters which are consistent across all the devices you use.

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    Thank you for chiming in on this as well :+1:

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