Multiple 1P Family Accounts?

Hi P1,

Families are complicated in the modern world. Like most people I have sides. I have been using 1P with one side and now the other side wants to use it too. They can't be within the same account. What is the best way of managing 2x 1P families accounts? The main concern is shared vaults which is what the benefit of a families account is. Do I essentially have to log out of the app and log in between them when required?

1Password Version: Up to date.
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OS Version: Mac: up to date
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  • You could just have them all under one account and if you're the only family organiser, you can set who see's what vault so you can have 2 shared vaults you've created, 1 for each family. Obviously everyone still gets their own personal vault, and the built in default shared vault you can revoke read write access too and not use at all.

    Or if you're not comfortable with having 1 family organiser, you could create a second account that you yourself don't really use, but only manage so to speak.

    I prefer option 1 myself and it's what I would use and kind of already is to a point. I have a recovery vault with different permissions should anything happen to me, so having one organiser works well for us.

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    Hey @MichaelCorleone

    @Zaka_7 Had great suggestions. To add on to what Zac said, no more than one person per 1Password Families account can sign-in to the same 1Password app. For instance, if me and my wife were associated with the same 1Password Families account and I have already attached my account to one of the 1Password apps, she cannot add her account to the same app without me signing-out of my account.

    Since you mentioned having two sides to your family and they cannot be on the same account, if one side of your family had a 1Password Families account, the other side had a different 1Password Families account unrelated to the other, and you had an account associated with both, you could sign-in to both of your accounts within the same 1Password app. This would also allow you to isolate data in between sides of the family while being linked to both.

    I hope this makes sense and I can clarify further if need be! :)

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    Thanks for the thoughts. One idea popped into my head since I posted this question. With a windows VM (using parallels) on my Mac I could have the other account on the windows side. I think I will try that.

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    Sounds like a plan I us VM all the time testing different OS's. I would not expect any issues.

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