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  • XipperXipper Junior Member

    Perhaps it is like me that the 1PasswordX no longer works with 1Password Mini, so if we use the same keyboard shortcut we've been using for a decade we get a popup 1Password Mini window that doesn't actually work with the browser extension. How is this an improvement? In fact I get prompted instead to "Install the 1Password extension", so how is this working as designed?

    I've been using 1P for longer than I care to remember, and here I am having to learn how to use it again because it no longer works the way it has for many years.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @Xipper ,

    Sounds like you have been using the old 1Password Classic extension up until recently, and now you have installed the newer 1Password in the browser.
    It is not the same extension and it definitely looks and feels different.

    Originally, 1Password in the browser was an independent extension that worked without the 1Password desktop app (and hence did not work with 1Password mini either), but now we have integrated it with the desktop app and it can work with mini in certain scenarios.

    If you press the desktop app's keyboard shortcut to autofill, which is CMD+\ by default, and you only have a single login item for the website you are currently visiting, 1Password will autofill it. However, if you have multiple login items for that website, then the keyboard shortcut won't work. We're currently working on improving this to get a more similar experience to how 1Password Classic handled that situation.

    From your description, it sounds like the 1Password desktop app and 1Password in the browser failed to integrate, so when you call 1Password mini it tells you to install the extension even though it is already installed. We need to troubleshoot this to get the two talking to each other and working properly. Here's what I suggest you do first:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Open and unlock 1Password's desktop app first.
    3. Open your browser 2nd and wait a few moments, see if 1Password in the browser unlocks automatically. If it does, then you should be good to go!

    In case 1Password in the browser remains locked and is asking for your Master Password to unlock it, please send us the following:

    Send it to [email protected] with a short description of the issue and a link to this discussion here so we can connect the dots :)

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