Icons not showing for credit cards.

This issue has been in the Support Community since 2014. But I should day, the icons are not showing again for credit cards. You know, they don't appear as to choosing the type of the card, it should show the type that we chose, i,e,. Visa. Anything could fix this?

1Password Version: X
Extension Version: 2.0.5
OS Version: macOS Big Sur 11.4
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    edited July 22

    Hey @MatthewAlexander ,

    Currently the 1Password extension does not address the "card type" field, but rather the name of the credit card. For example, if I have a card named "My personal debit card", it will have a generic icon. But If I rename the card to "My personal visa card", then it will get the Visa icon.

    1Password in the browser parses the card's name and take the type from there.
    Let me know if that is what you are looking for :)

    ref: dev/core/core#937

  • What does the extension have to do with an item's icon? My issue is that I cannot restore the generic credit card icon if I mistakenly attempt to choose a card type. When I inquired about this many versions ago, I was told this would be investigated. Thus I remain hopeful there will be follow through. The problem is once you click on card type, there is no way to deselect any of the non-applicable choices to restore the generic icon.

    Rant follows: I realize the best any of you supporting this forum can offer is your assurance that you'll share the feedback with those who can actually implement changes. However, how hard would it be to add "Department Store" as a choice for the huge number of stores that offer their own cards? I've never heard of Union Pay but apparently whoever wanted that choice had a direct line to get it added! I don't mean to be snippy but seriously, this is a pretty simple request. The black hole separating well-intended customer-facing staff with whatever staff is responsible for prioritizing requests is frustrating at best. The commitment that you'll share or forward customer feedback to others is, by itself, open ended and lame.

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hi @bwofford:

    There's two separate things involved here.

    The first is that as Yaron mentioned, 1Password in the browser isn't actually looking inside the item to determine which icon to show, it can only look at the title of the item.

    To answer your question however, what I can tell you is in that in 1Password 8 Early Access, the credit card type field is an open ended text box, with suggestions pre-provided for the types 1Password 7 offers as choices. Additionally, now that it's a text box, if you need to change the type of the credit card after the fact, that's something you'll be able to do in 1Password 8.

    If you'd like to try out 1Password 8, the Early Access section has all the details on how to get started. Now is a great time to jump in and help shape the future of 1Password.


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