Feature Request: allow edit but not deletion

edited July 24 in Families

Hi everybody,

as far as I can see, when a family member deletes an item in a shared vault I can not restore it even as the family organizer, right?

I don't want to duplicate all shared items into my private vault, since it would be a lot of overhead and would easily become out of sync, when a password is changed.

A better flow would be one of the following:
1. allow editing without deletion (add, edit, archive), so a new role/rights option for a member of a shared vault
2. allow disabling deletion of items in a shared vault, so a setting for the vault
3. allow restoring of "deleted" items for family organizers. I would prefer the first option

I would prefer option 1 or option 2; option 2 is probably the simpler approach. Would love to hear some feedback, cheers :)

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