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Ability to edit (and delete) auto-saved web form details.


so there is this thing in the changelog of latest beta 1p for Windows 8.1.2-42 from 22-07-2021:
Users can now edit (and delete) auto-saved web form details.

The question is, how do I do that? I don't see any new buttons or context menu choices. I even updated 1p to 8.1.2-56 nightly, but it looks the same as 8.1.2-42. Showing web form details is enabled in 1p settings.

Also: clicking File -> Exit doesn't close the app, it minimizes it to tray. It worked fine before.

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  • dtearedteare

    Team Member

    Hello @namiaro, 👋

    It sounds like you found the Show auto-saved web details on the Settings > Advanced screen so you'll be shown web form details within the item details screen but only when the item has them. Web form details were added to items years ago when saving new logins from within the browser. We changed how we did things long ago so newer items won't have any to show.

    These web form details were meant to be used by the fill algorithm within the browser. So when we redesigned the item details screen we hoped we simplify things by just removing it. It turns out that some folks were relying on the web form details to store information and so we added this setting to make sure these folks could get their data when needed. It's a relatively rare occurrence tho so we defaulted this setting to off.

    Regarding File > Exit, we minimize to the tray instead of fully quitting as the browser extension relies on the full app for features like Windows Hello. To fully quit 1Password you can click on the tray icon and click Quit. If you prefer you can change this behaviour under Settings > General.

    I hope this helps. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  • namiaronamiaro
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    edited July 2021

    @dteare thanks for the reply. As for the minimizing instead of exiting - got it, it's intended.

    As for the web form details. The thing is I don't see them in any of my items even if the setting I've mentioned earlier is enabled. I'm verifying items that I'm 100% sure have web form details (and I'm able to see them in 1p 7 on Windows and Android). Also, when I choose to save the item as JSON in 1p 8, they are there.
    I find them really useful to e.g. check if all of additional checkboxes like 'always log in' were saved correctly when adding or updating the item.

    I'm expecting to see them somewhere near to login\password when editing the item, correct me if I looking at the wrong place :) A few weeks ago I was told that it hasn't been implemented in 1p 8 yet so I was really happy when I saw the changelog.

  • dtearedteare

    Team Member

    Ah, I see. Well in this case I'll need to take a guess. Please forgive me if I miss the mark. 🙂

    Before replying to your question originally I went to verify this feature was working as intended and I couldn't find any web form details on items that I swore would have them due to their age. After a while I found that these items only had the username and password fields, which are treated special. Once I went to 1Password.com to view my items I was able to use the Show web form details button there to find items that had more fields than that. Once I found one I was able to see this section appear within the item details:

    I hope that guess hits the mark. Please let me know either way.


  • namiaronamiaro
    Community Member

    I've checked everything one more time, I'm not able to make 1p app to show auto-saved web details. Pictures of the same item in v7 and v8 for comparison below. Like I've said earlier, the setting "Show auto-saved web details" is enabled.

    And one more thing about Exit and Close buttons behaviour that I've noticed. Right now they're both acts in the same way (closing or minimizing the app to tray depending on the main menu settings).

  • dtearedteare

    Team Member

    Thanks for the screenshots. Those are super helpful.

    I think I know what's happening. The "auth" and "password" web form fields are likely designated as the "username" and "password" fields. These are treated specially. Basically they are shown at the top of the login and the fact they are technically stored within the web form details is just a technicality that doesn't affect anything. So in effect if there's no additional fields of importance to show we don't bother including the section.

    Now, this is confusing as in your screenshot you do have two checkboxes in the fields so instinctually you'd expect them to be shown. The thing is, checkboxes and other input fields like "submit" are almost entirely noise so we don't bother showing them. In other words, after going through the old web form details and filtering out the designated fields (that are shown elsewhere) and the noise of the internet, there were none left to show.

    If you find an entry that has an additional text or password field, you should see it appear.

    Regarding exit and close behaviour from the main window, they are indeed the same. It admittedly a bit strange but it solves a more important issue of making sure browser support continues to work as expected. If you'd prefer otherwise, you can tweak this in settings.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you find an item with more fields and if they appear as you expect.



  • namiaronamiaro
    Community Member

    Thanks for the explanation. I must say that's a bummer for me. Ideally, since displaying auto-saved web forms is optional anyway (user must turn on the "advanced" setting), I'd like to be the one to decide what's and what's not important, just like in previous versions or on other platforms. That alongside with 1) not being able to hide user-selected vaults, 2) not being able to display/list tags from selected vaults only, 3) not being able to use search bar to search through selected vaults, is making me afraid of V8 being oversimplified and major features/possibilities I'm accustomed with being taken away.

    On the bright side, it feels snappier and looks more neat, that's for sure. I know it's early access so fingers crossed. Good luck :)

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