Family account shows family picture

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In the linux app, it shows the name and picture for the entire family, however, on the app and website, by default it shows my personal picture and name

1Password Version: 8.1.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Arch Linux


  • Hi @auscyber

    Could you please highlight where you're seeing the discrepancy? For example, the lock screen for both 1Password 8 and the web app should show the icon associated with the membership, not the avatar of the individual.


  • @auscyber

    Thank you for the screenshots! I can confirm that is working as designed — those are separate areas of the app. The web app screenshot you provided is showing the user menu, which intentionally shows your individual avatar. The desktop app screenshot is showing the membership 'container' for vaults, which intentionally shows the avatar for the membership. Different parts of the UI show one vs the other depending on context.

    Does that make sense?



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