Transferring from a business account to personal (and closing the business account)

Hi, newbie-ish question here. we're going to close our business account and I'd like to set up a personal account. When I try to do this it wants to put this personal account "under" the root folder of the company. In my mind, I'd like to see this totally separate. I currently have private pw in a folder that I'd also like to move over when I do this. What am I missing or not understanding here, and what should I do? Thanks.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    edited August 6

    Hi @rgehorsam,

    Are you using this page to create the new account?

    If you sign up for a new account there, it wouldn't in any way be associated with the business account. It would have entirely separate credentials that you'd use to access it, and separate billing. I hope that helps!


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