File attachments on 1Pass - Linux (RPM) v. 8.1.1 - multiple issues

The problem I have is the following:
I'm attaching files into "Login" entity in a shared company vault:

  • 8.1.1 @ Version: 80101004, on PRODUCTION channel
  • OS: Fedora 34

So problems:
1. I cannot attach files nor from Web-UI not from web browser extension
2. When I attach files via installed 1Password desktop app, they attach OK and work for ME only in desktop app and in firefox extension also
3. However, attached files does not work for my colleagues who are on branch v.7 on MacOS - They can't download the attachments.

I've googled this error and found similar problems has been when people was updating from version 6 to 7 on MacOS. Maybe this is similar.

So questions:
1. Is there any workaround fix out there for now?
2. When MacOS users will received updated 8-branch version and would it still have this problems?
3. Why can't I attach files via Web-UI of 1password (cloud) and web browser extensions - would this be fixed soon?


1Password Version: 8.1.1
Extension Version: 2.0.5
OS Version: Fedora 34


  • Update: it seems older MacOS clients create attachments like this:

    • When you upload document, they create an item of type "Document" and add it to "related" section of the current "Login" item right away
    • When modern/linux/8-branch create file attachment, it attaches the file directly into the current "Login" item

    Since this difference, older MacOS clients cannot understand this type of attachment inside of "Login" item, but newer clients, - they do understand. Is there any plans to "Sync" state for all 1Password programs?


  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member

    Hey there @sxiii - I'm really sorry for the delay here!

    I'm glad to hear that you're making use of the new Attachments functionality in 1Password for Linux! With the addition of Attachments, there are two ways to add documents - as their own independent Document entry (the current behaviour in 1Password 7), and attaching a document to an existing entry, which is only available in 1Password 8.

    This functionality is currently only available in 1Password for Linux, and the Early Access 1Password 8 for Macs and Windows PCs - this will also be available in the early accesses for iOS and Android when they are released. I can't confirm when or if the ability to attach documents will be coming to, however I can definitely pass this feedback along to the Development team so they know you'd love to see this available.

    For items that you intend to share with others who are using 1Password 7, or access via, I would suggest adding those as separate Document items so they can be accessed across all supported platforms.

    I hope you don't mind, I've split your third message off and moved it along to the Extensions Forum. :smile:

  • Heyhey. I see! Thanks for the update. I'll send this to my team so they know :)

  • Can you please link the new place where you moved the message? :)

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member

    Hey there @sxiii, apologies for the delay here! 🙈That sounds good!

    Can you please link the new place where you moved the message? :)

    Sure thing! You can find it here

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