1PW 8 Mac Desktop uses account password, not the 1Password password


I have an app unlock password which is easier for me to type then the full account password. Could 1PW 8 allow me to select which password I want to use to unlock the desktop app or, switch back to my app password instead of the account password?

1Password Version: 8.0 beta
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 12 beta


  • Hello @BenNeivert! 👋

    Thank you for trying the early access version of 1Password 8! 😊 If you were using a password other than your 1Password account password to unlock 1Password 7 then it sounds like you might have had a Primary vault and were unlocking 1Password 7 using the password for the Primary vault. Since 1Password 8 doesn't support Primary vaults you'll need to use your 1Password account password to unlock the app.

    Does your Mac support Touch ID or Apple Watch unlock? If it does then that's a much more convenient option than typing in your 1Password account password.

  • BenNeivert
    Community Member

    Thank you for the explanation. You are, of course, exactly right.
    Probably worth mentioning that when the app launches as some might not have their account password handy or might rely on 1Password to fill it in.
    On your other points, yes I have an AppleWatch and Touch ID so I will us both and just need to re-type the account password every two weeks.
    Otherwise, great app. Thank you for letting me try it.

  • Thanks for the feedback @BenNeivert! Those are good points.

    I'm happy that you're enjoying the early access. Let us know if you run into any other issues that we can take a look at. :)

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