Getting the password out of one vault in order to log into a second vault is difficult at best

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This is more of an FYI than a question, but I have a personal 1Password account, and I keep that passwords and keys for my other vaults (work, etc.) in entries in my personal vault.

Because the 'log into another vault' modal can't be moved, and clears its fields any time you toggle away from it, the only way I was able to get the password out of vault #1 in order to log into vault #2 was to copy the key and password from the entry in vault #1 into a plain-text file, then copy them back into the fields in the 'log into another vault' modal. It got the job done, but it was difficult.

1Password Version: 8.2.0-44.BETA
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 11.5.1 (20G80)


  • Blake
    edited August 2021

    Hi @coil_of_wire 🤗

    Have you tried using the "open item in new window" for that Account Password prior to trying to unlock it?

    You can do this from the context menu, double-clicking the item in the list, or using the Command+O keyboard shortcut.

    You should be able to copy-pasta things from there, right into the Account Password field with ease!

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