Android app support Yubikey for initial login?

I just switched to an Android phone and am trying to log into 1Password, but it's getting stuck at the login prompt... I have my account set to use a Yubikey for 2FA, and I'm using the latest version of CalyxOS on my phone--so no Google Services, but MicroG provides (most of?) those APIs.

I saw a couple other recent posts complaining of sign-in problems with a "de-googled" Android phone--is that the (probable) root cause here, or are there known issues with the Android app and security keys?

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    edited August 12

    Hey @angryAnchoress, thank you for reaching out to us via our Forum! I'm sorry you're running into issues trying to sign into the Android app.

    1Password requires Google Play Services, so you're correct that CalyxOS may be the cause. However, a previous user had success signing into the Android app by disabling their Yubikey from their account and instead using a one-time password as 2FA. Could you try disabling your Yubikey using your browser and let me know how that goes?

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