1P8 Default Vault for Creation?


I use a non-standard vault as my default vault and in 1P8, it doesn't seem like the setting to set which vault is the default one to save new passwords exist anymore. Did I miss where this setting is or was it removed?

1Password Version: 8.2.0-44.BETA
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided


  • blankspaceblankspace
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    The local vault was removed for even paying subscription users .....

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    Hello @kormoc! 👋

    Thanks for trying the early access version of 1Password 8 for Mac!

    1Password 8 was built to integrate with the 1Password for Safari. Make sure that you've installed 1Password for Safari on the Mac App Store: ‎1Password for Safari on the Mac App Store

    Once 1Password for Safari is installed click on the 1Password icon in Safari, click on Settings, and under General you'll be able to set your default vault for saving next to Save new items in:

    Let me know if that helps. :)

  • kormockormoc
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    That only seems to effect for things created in the browser. I’ve never done that as it’s always been kinda iffy on how it creates things. Is there no way to do the same in the app?

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

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    Hey @kormoc,

    This is a great question and it's one that we really struggled with. Let me start with some back story:

    Up through 1Password 7 for Mac, the first 1Password Account you added to the app would hold the keys to unlock the entire app. That is, any other accounts you added after the first one would get unlocked when you unlocked 1Password with the password for that first account.

    That meant that we could guarantee that once you had unlocked 1Password, all your accounts and vaults were unlocked and available.

    However in 1Password 8 we changed how unlock works so that no extra accounts come along for the unlock ride when you enter your password to unlock the app. We only unlock accounts that can be unlocked with the password you entered. This is great for security but not so great for guaranteeing that all your accounts are unlocked all the time.

    So we're in a situation where we cannot guarantee that all your vaults are available when you go to make a new item (since you may have chosen not unlock one of your accounts). But what if your default vault for saving was in that locked account? Where should the item go?

    Instead we've tried to choose a smart default when you create a new item. If you're currently in a vault that has permission to create items we'll choose that one. If you're somewhere else in an account, we'll choose your personal vault as the vault for saving. If your're in a Collection, we'll choose the first personal vault we find in that collection. Otherwise we'll use the first vault that has permission.

    We've tried to do our best to choose the vault that you'd probably want. But if we get it wrong, there's a vault picker right at the top of the Create Item window where you can adjust the vault.

    With that in mind, give it a try and let me know if we've missed the mark.

    Thanks again for the great feedback.

  • kormockormoc
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    So I don't use my personal vault, as it's one that can not be shared with other members of my family. This is the only reason I have a non-default vault setup as default. Is it possible to have the default vault be sharable in the future?

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

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    @kormoc, that's really great context, thanks very much.

    If you are interested in excluding your personal vault from most of your day-to-day interaction with 1Password, Collections would be a really good way to do that.

    If you click on the Account drop-down and click Manage Collections you should be able to create a Collection that excludes your personal vault.

    When that Collection is active, new items shouldn't default to your personal vault anymore. Give that a try and let me know what you think.

  • 1PWUser_54235561PWUser_5423556
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    Collections don't seem to help. I created a Collection of all my vaults excluding the personal vault and it still defaulted to my personal vault when creating a new login in 1password. You need to add a default Vault option. Version 7 and the browser extension have it.

  • BobWBobW Junior Member
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    I'm in the exact same situation for the exact same reason. +1!

  • @1PWUser_5423556 & @BobW,

    Thanks so much for letting us know of the issue with collections not selecting the correct vault when you don't have a personal/private vault in that collection. I did some testing and can reproduce the issue and have reported it to our developers so they can fix it in a future version.

    ref: dev/core/core#7756

  • Steven78Steven78
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    I use 1Password with my family - especially to assist my elderly parents. It worked fine to share the passwords and other critical information. With 1Password 8 however we have the problem that important things are added to the personal vault by accident, which defeats the purpose of our family subscription.
    Please re-add the feature to set a default vault - it's really critical to ensure a working family workflow.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    Thank you for chiming in with your use case. I've added your voice to the bug report that Joshua mentioned above.


  • S2HillS2Hill
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    I have my work and personal vaults. I save literally everything I create in my personal vault - never work vault. Prior to 8 I could choose what the default save vault was and never had an issue. Now almost, without exception, it always save to the Work Private vault and I cannot make it Scott Private vault. I have to go back and move it after each new item. There are passwords for work I use in the work vaults so need them to be there still but should not save wherever it wants - but where I tell it to.

    This isoccurring on macOS (multiple devices) and iOS using the extension (using the app on iOS it allows default and it is set to the right vault (Scott Private) and works).

  • 47beideman47beideman
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    I"m in the same boat with 1P8 - let's get the default vault selection back in the picture. My family is a very big user of 1P and the current situation is no good.

    Also, could figure out what ag_andrew is talking about above: do admins have capability to choose what vaults can be used for creation?

    Anyway, this new hyper-concern for lock/unlock seems like the great being the enemy of the good.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    edited February 15

    Hi @47beideman:

    Thanks for your additional input on this. Advanced permissions are a feature of 1Password Business and 1Password Teams, so for example, a vault can be viewed by everyone in a company, but only certain members of the company can add new items to that vault, or change existing items.

    I've added your feedback to our internal issue on the subject, thanks for your thoughtful feedback as we work through the beta process with 1Password 8!


    ref: IDEA-I-292

  • slpriceslprice Junior Member
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    Add me to the list of those wanting the option to set a default vault for saving items in the main app. My use case is similar to the others here. I recently upgraded my parents' from 1Password 7 to 1Password 8 on Windows and in doing so found that I could no longer set which vault new items were saved in the app. I have them save their passwords into a non-personal vault so that they can each have access to the others' as can I, and they also have a vault with items shared between them. I set up a collection for each to have their own (non-personal) and shared vaults be what they normally see. However, for Dad new items were automatically added to the correct vault, but Mom's always went to the shared vault. Since it appeared that the vault selection went alphabetically I renamed the shared vault and it worked, though that is not an ideal workaround.

    I see 3 options for improving the behavior:

    • Return the option of setting a default vault for saving (which is still in the browser plugin), and if that vault is not available at the time of saving revert to this new behavior.
    • On each collection let one of the vaults be set as the default save vault.
    • Have the vault selection on the add item screen persist.
  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Hi folks, I've posted the latest on this over at this thread:


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