Logging in to multiple vaults at once


I have two vaults and in 1Password 7, I could login and have access to both vaults. Now, in 1P 8, I have to enter both master passwords separately.

Is that by design? If so, feature request...I'd really like to not have to put in both master passwords every time to get access to both vaults.

1Password Version: Mac 8.2.0-44.BETA
Extension Version: 2.0.6
OS Version: macOS 12.0 Beta 4


  • Joshua_ag
    edited August 2021

    Hi @Shpigford,

    Thanks for the feedback. This is an intentional feature, it allows for you to keep accounts completely separate so each password protects the applicable accounts. If you would like to open all accounts with one password the suggestion would be to set the same 1Password account password for each account.

    Each account is still protected by its unique Secret Key. You can learn more here: https://support.1password.com/secret-key-security/

    On the feature request, I have submitted the request, but as this was intentional so users could keep work and personal items separate (if they wanted too) I don't want to promise it will be implemented.

    ref: dev/core/core#9296

  • @Shpigford The old version of 1Password had a tricky code to allow you to use the first account password as the "master password". This caused many issues where the password could be different depending on the devices and also change suddenly when one of the accounts is removed.

    We decided to make it straightforward and use the same account password to unlock the app.

    The easiest solution is to use the same password for both accounts. Every account still has its own unique Secret Key that is combined with the password and keeps your data secure.

    I hope that helps!

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