Username does not fill in with 1P version 8 on a MBA M1
only the password fills in

Deleted the 1P entry, and recreated one ...same behaviour

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: 2.0.6
OS Version: 11.5.2


  • @Gilles9

    I was able to fill in the details with Chrome. May I ask which browser are you using?

  • @ag_tommy based on the "Extension Version", it seems like 1Password for Safari?

  • Thanks roustem. Filling is working here on this end with 1Password for Safari.


    In my quick test, I created a new login manually and added the username/password and the following URL.

  • Gilles9
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    edited August 2021

    Yes it is Extension is 2.0.6, shouldn't it be ?

    Safari version Version 14.1.2 (16611.

    macOS 11.5.2 (20G95) MacBook Air M!

    I did try creating a new Login for result

    I had to select remember me, so my user name is always showing, then 1P fills in the password

    without doing this, the username is not filled by 1P

  • Yes, that's the correct extension for Safari.

    I wanted to make sure I was not going wacky. I gave it another try. While using the early access, I created another login manually within the interface. Added a username/password and URL. I can confirm I can fill from the extension button within Safari or in the password or username fields. I wonder where the issue is cropping up?

    Could you reach out to us using, and we'll investigate further. As they say, no two machines are alike. This will let us get a broader set of eyes on the issue.

  • Hello @Gilles9

    I'm Brandon from the extensions team. Sorry to hear that 1Password is not behaving as expected on this page. I can also reproduce odd filling behaviour on this form with items saved from the page because the username field has a few of its characters replaced by dots when focus in the field is lost. The website will then reject the username field if it contains dots, leaving us with an empty field. I've made sure we're tracking this website internally.

    In the meantime I was able to fill a login created manually on, as well as a login in which I edited the username field to correct the dots and resaved. I was also able to drag and drop a username without dots into this field just fine.

    Give that a shot and let me know if that fixes the issue for you :)

  • Gilles9
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    Well I reverted, to version 7.8.7 as to many problems on both an Intel and an M1 Mac

    I'll wait for a newer version of 8, before I am back trying it

  • Hi @Gilles9, thank you again for letting us know about this, and my apologies that your Early Access experience wasn't more satisfactory.

    As Brandon mentioned, our Extensions team will be keeping an eye on this, and as part of the development process there will be substantive improvements to the app before it is fully released. Thanks for giving this early version a try, and feel free to contact us with questions or requests for assistance any time - whatever version you're on. We're here to make sure that your 1Password experience meets the high standard you expect.

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