Android "Secure Folder" and 1Password

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I see this was asked back in 2019 in:
It was mentioned that this would be brought up to the team for consideration. While I am not the original poster, I'm wondering if this has been addressed yet or not. It is an annoyance that I see. There may be other apps or sites that other users wish to NOT have 1Password intervene, and it would be nice to be able to exempt a specific site or application.
I am eager to hear back from you.


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  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @pferris Thanks for reaching out to us!

    There are no updates to share at this time regarding blocking Autofill on specific apps or websites with 1Password. I appreciate you writing in writing in and highlighting the use for such a feature. I have passed along your comments to our developers.

  • Hi @ag_timothy ,

    Thanks for the reply. I see someone else has previously mentioned this exact issue (wanting to turn off 1Password with Samsung's "Secure Folder". I haven't researched it extensively, but I would bet there would be fair interest in ability to make application exceptions & specific site exceptions. Perhaps in a similar manner to how "AdBlock" can be taught make exceptions for pop-ups on specific pages - 1Password could learn NOT to prompt for specific apps or sites. Just a thought. I appreciate you sharing it with your team, and hopefully, this will be forthcoming feature - and put 1Password even further ahead of LastPass! :-)

    Have a splendiferous day, all!


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hello @pferris

    Thanks for writing back to us and expanding on your use case. I can think of a few situations myself where I might want to stop 1Password from offering to fill without adjusting Autofill settings.

    This sort of feedback is important for us to continue to improve 1Password so I want to mention again how much we appreciate you sharing your voice!

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