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    @cryptochrome "Some here act as if 1P8 means it's the end of the world." Yet, that is exactly how it feels for the years long 1P users. Most of which chose 1P just because it was a native MacOS product. And guess what? One day it gets quietly replaced by something that has nothing left of a native MacOS app. Over night it went from a company that has started its business on MacOS platform to a generic "we sacrificed 90% of our customers to become a generic/boring cross platform Electron app."

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    I don't know how you came to this impression, but that is NOT what is happening.

    You don't know that. Unless you work for 1p/AgileBits?

    You're looking at an early preview that doesn't have all the features yet, but my understanding is that there will be feature parity with previous versions and then some. You wouldn't judge a newborn by its cooking abilities, would you.

    Reading what I wrote might help you. Here, try again:

    Unfortunately for those of us using the preview on Mac for the moment

    See that "for the moment" part? That means right now, as in using the preview. Your overzealousness in defending the 1p decision here might be making you jump to conclusions?

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    That means right now, as in using the preview

    Then stop using the preview and go back to the production version. There, problem solved. The early access version is not complete. That is really not that hard to understand. It's not fair to treat it as if it was the final product.


    Yet, that is exactly how it feels for the years long 1P users.

    If it feels like the end of the world to you, then maybe set your life's priorities straight. There are far worse things that could and will happen to you than your favorite password manager changing its looks. And if you keep judging a password manager by its "native feel", maybe rethink for what you buy a password manager in the first place.

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    It's not fair to treat it as if it was the final product.

    It's just as fair as assuming that all the issues will be ironed out.

    Besides, I wasn't treating it as the final version. I'm acknowledging where the wind is blowing, by 1p's own admission in several posts throughout these boards.

    Nuance is really not that hard to understand.

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    Well if your computer can't keep up with modern apps anymore, maybe it's time for an upgrade. You can't expect your old machines to perform well forever.

    Did you miss the part where modern, brand new computers, including the latest Apple Silicon Macs, come with 8GB of RAM as standard?

    Also, we are in a once-in-a-century global pandemic that has killed countless jobs and caused a global silicon shortage that is hampering production of new devices. It's not always easy or feasible to get a higher end machine since those SKUs tend to be build-to-order with weeks or even months of lead time.

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