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I feel I owe AgileBits the courtesy to give more detailed feeback about why I initially quickly dismissed the 1Password 8 beta and list in more detail what I am missing and why this release feels like a regression and not an improvement. I tried to ignore the fact in my mind that I am pretty biased against electron apps. So here are my findings comparing the 1PW 7 to 1PW 8 (I highlighted issues I find severe in bold):

Local vaults

iCloud/DropBox and other sync options missing

Pressing alt doesn’t reveal passwords

Sorting options are drastically reduced

Resizing is sluggish

Categories are missing in the side bar (not sure I like where they moved, please bring them back to the side bar, sections are collapsible.)

Scrolling does not overscroll

No sticky headers in list

Scrolling through a list feels wrong. The inertia is different. The electron version stops quicker.

Collapsing/expanding sections in the side bar has no animation

The side bar has no icon only style

Complex search matching has been removed

The preference window is not a separate window

1Password does NOT lock when closing the window!

Keyboard shortcut customization is missing

A lot less options in preferences

Mini window is missing when clicking the menu bar icon

Option to customize All vaults (might be replaced with collections)

Option to show passwords by default is missing in the menu (and keyboard shortcut to toggle this). It is just hidden in the preferences.

No option to move number/symbol section to the bottom

Inconsistency: The triple dot menu on an item presents a custom menu with icons, right click on an item in the list presents the same menu in native style without icons

No right click menu on tags section in side bar

Non native keyboard navigation behavior in side bar (up/down arrows don’t switch to next/previous entry but just moves the highlight)

All alerts look non-native

New object list highlight is sluggish when hovering

Lots of missing keyboard shortcuts (Cmd+0 - Cmd+9 for selecting vaults as just one example, Cmd+0 is even remapped to something useless)

RAM usage

Displaying items in big text takes forever. I first thought the feature was broken! (Interesting enough this is weirdly one of the only places I found where an actual separate window is opened)

The active/inactive window state does not behave as it would in a native App (compare this to Mail for example: in inactive state the icons are slightly less vibrant, the top bar containing the search field gets grayed out, all these details are missing in 1PW; at least the top bar being grayed out is there in 1PW 7!)

After becoming the active window, the transition of the grayed out selected item becoming blue again is slow. It is visibly delayed after the translucency change in the side bar

BUG: When editing an item and then switching to a different one the changes are automatically saved, instead of showing an alert to discard the changes!

The highlighted state of the "..." menu and other menu buttons like edit is the wrong gray: #EFF4F8 instead of #E5E5E5 and the hover state has #F7FAFF instead of #F2F2F2. Take this as an example of slight inaccuracies, that make the UI feel non native! There are more of these inaccuracies in colors, typography and spacing that make this feel alien in comparison to e.g. Mail!

There also definite improvements on 1PW 7. The list style in 1PW8 actually is more pleasing than the one in 1PW 7 (with the exception of the aforementioned issues)

Now I feel ok again to uninstall the Beta having done my due diligence reporting in what I think about the new version without resorting to my first reaction: It "feels" wrong.

It still feels wrong after going through the App in a more thorough manor, but now I can at least show why it feels wrong.

I understand lots of these issues can be fixed and some of them are not specifically electron related.

Added by myself (eenturk)

I hope 1Password will launch a self hosted version or they will support local/Dropbox vaults. I have been a subscribed user for a long time now and if 1Password moves to cloud only option i wil consider to fire up another Bitwarden server for my current 1Password vaults.

1Password will disappoint a lot of users and most of them will look for alternatives (some already did) and most of them are ready to pay monthly subscription but not if they let the loyal users down. So i hope they will look better into this.

So far still long time happy 1Password user i will probably move to Bitwarden till they come up with a local or self hosted solution. I do trust 1Password cloud but i don't trust the hackers you never know what could happen even if you took all the security measures.

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  • FCNV
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    Agilebits has been dismissing feedback unless its specific and actionable and I think this accomplishes both but also exposes how unfinished and crude 1Password 8 is.

  • Ben

    Hi folks!

    Roustem responded to this directly on reddit:


    Agilebits has been dismissing feedback unless its specific and actionable and I think this accomplishes both but also exposes how unfinished and crude 1Password 8 is.

    Do be clear: we're tracking the generic feedback as well. It is just much more difficult to take action on something like:

    It doesn't "feel" right

    While this is totally valid feedback, I'm not entirely sure what to do about it other than note it. On the other hand the feedback provided in that reddit thread was great because it gives us an idea of what specific tasks we could take on in order to improve the experience for this user.


  • FCNV
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    I posted this in another thread, but I think there are two things to the way it "feels" being off:

    1. It doesn't feel like it's a Mac app. It doesn't seem to fit in like previous versions have. You have stated that's by design, which is disappointing, but fair.

    2. What irks me most is it "feels" sloppy for any platform. The window-drawing issues, scrolling, animations, and fonts are all just rough around the edges and not pleasant to use. This applies to Mac users, Windows users, and Linux users.

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