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Reaction/feedback from AgileBits?

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After now reading hundreds of comments about and feedback to v8 I would love to read a statement from AgileBits.

Yes, here and there I read an answer from someone of the 1Password Team - but for me it sounded always like "whitewashing" their own product (and at the same time knowing that the users might be right in some/many points) and not really listening to their users.

I can not believe that AgileBits does not care about the very detailed and constructive feedback.

We see/saw an Early Stage version (Alpha!) of v8 - so still enough time to use the hand break and turn around - before the car crashed at the wall. Better than with a "real" beta version ...

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  • BenBen

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    Hi @claus,

    Here is one example where one of our founders, Roustem, replied point-by-point to some in-depth feedback:


    Additionally our VP of Engineering for Client Apps, Michael Fey, put up a blog post this morning:


    We're absolutely tracking all of the feedback we've received. We're already working hard to incorporate some of the things people have asked for. As an example, my colleague Andrew G is working on customizable keyboard shortcuts, which was a popular request we saw. Does that address your concern? Please let me know.


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    Pointing out that you're logging feedback doesn't mean you are respecting them or absorbing them, though. Every bit of communication from your team, including this blog post, is built on the foundational idea that what you built is good, maybe perfect. There have been many valid, well-written reasons why that isn't the case, and your team has treated them like noise and ignored them.

    I find particular fault in this part of the blog post: "However with a self-imposed ship date of September 2021, our timeline to bring these apps to stable was starting to look a bit tight."

    Why is it a self-imposed ship date? Is there a business reason? Why not wait until the app is, you know, good before shipping?

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    The blog post is still on my reading list, but is September 2021 still the deadline?

    There's so much work to do; I can't believe AgileBits thinks that date is feasible...

    (even if it's September 30, like Apple sometimes does :wink:)

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    I agree. If you can self-impose a deadline, you can self-impose an extension. Ship the product when it is good.

  • clausclaus
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    @Ben : Thank you for the links. Well, what should I say?! It is written in stone now. Done.
    It is bug-fixing, yes. But thinking about the some changes in general is not possible anymore. Too late, as you want to release the final in September already.
    So, I guess I won't continue with the subscription. I will check Apple's solution coming with the new MacOS soon.

  • roustemroustem

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    Based on the feedback that we got so far, I would agree that we will need more time. We'll ship it when it is ready.

  • JacqueAlexJacqueAlex
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    @roustem and @Ben

    what would you say has been your biggest takeaways from the user feedback so far? What do you think users biggest requests are for 1password 8? Thx!

  • clausclaus
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    Good question, @JacqueAlex. Exited to read the answer ...

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