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More important: 1Password to feel like a Mac app or just be snappy and polished?

After reading a lot of feedback in this community and others, I seem to see a lot of people complain that 1Password 8 doesn't feel "native." Obviously, older versions of this app for Mac that were "native" were built with technologies that made it extremely performant, polished, and feel like one of Apple's own apps.

Agilebits has stated they are proceeding with this new, albeit controversial, "design language" and making the app-cross platform using Electron. So for those that are concerned, are you most disappointed about it not looking like a Mac app or not performing like a Mac app?

For me, I personally don't care as much that it is built with Electron or not using Mac UI elements (like contextual menus). What bothers me most is it just feels janky, which is consistent with other Electron apps I've used like Teams, Slack, and even parts of VS Code. While I prefer it to look like an Apple app, what I care more about is how it feels. Right now, it doesn't feel snappy. It feels like a crude web app, where things like filling passwords are slow, animations and scrolling are choppy and unnatural, and window redrawing just seems unpolished. For as proud as the Agilebits team feels about the new technology and design, I hope that they agree this alpha release is very unrefined and doesn't feel snappy.

How about you?

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  • cryptochromecryptochrome
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    I think it's pointless to discuss the performance of the app when it is still an early access alpha, that is neither feature complete nor optimized. You can't expect it to be snappy and shiny now. Wait for the release before rendering a judgement.

    1P stated clearly that "performance is going to be a feature", so you can expect the final product to be just as "snappy" as before. It can be done with Electron, see Discord, as a good example.

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    The main purpose of this post is to discern from users whether they just want 1Password to look like an Apple app or if they are fine with the new design language as long as it performs well. Nobody has expressed they expect an alpha preview to perform like a final release.

    I'd simply ask that you reply in good faith and relevance to the topic or do not attempt to participate in this specific conversation.

  • StevenBedrickStevenBedrick
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    My vote would be for it to look behave like a Mac app, and fit in with all of the other programs on my computer in terms of font rendering, window behavior, input event handling, keyboard shortcuts, etc. If it takes two seconds longer to unlock, auto-fill a password, sync, whatever- that wouldn't bother me in the slightest, as long as scrolling through the list of items and browsing through menus feels like it's supposed to on a Mac. Frankly, I'd put up with additional RAM/CPU usage in exchange for having something that feels like a regular Mac app when I use it.

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    Yeah, I understand ideally you get the right design and performance. I can more easily stomach the new design language (though I don't love it) if it just performed better with fewer compromises in finish.

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