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Touch ID prompt confusing

Firstly, just to say that I've been a 1Password user since 2009 and have been (and am) very happy. I subscribed as soon as the option became available and I value the ease of use across all my devices and the peace of mind from knowing that I have an Emergency Kit with a family member in case anything happens.

I've read the recent fuss about 1Password 8 for Mac Early but I just installed it and everything looks and works great. It may be perhaps be better if the user interface is a native app but for me at least, Electron isn't worse (it's just different) and what I care much more about is what the app does rather than what it looks like. At the end of the day, it's a password manager and I just want it to do its job quickly and unobtrusively when I need to use it - and 1P 8 does that - and it's not an app which I spend hours of my day in. I look forward to finding out what new features may be possible once the platforms are unified.

My only small nit is that the prompt on startup of 1P 8 for Mac for the first time asking whether Touch ID should be supported threw me for a few seconds. I assume it's the case that this prompt is only relevant for a M1 Mac which supports Touch ID and not my Intel Mac and if so, perhaps the prompt can be removed for those on Intel or at least some text added to clarify that.

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  • jhmjhm
    Community Member

    I've just come across a use case which - as far as I know - isn't supported in the new app.

    With the old app, I could access my 1Password.com vault using a shorter password (which only worked on my Mac). I didn't need to enter the 1Password.com password to access that vault. From what I remember, I think I set it up as a password to a standalone vault (empty) and accessing the standalone vault using the shorter password then worked to allow me also to access the 1Password.com vault. Is there a way to do this with the new app ?

  • tvandintertvandinter
    Community Member

    Just fyi that there are Intel Macs with Touch ID as far back as 2016. It's not an M1-specific feature.

  • jhmjhm
    Community Member

    You are right - I forgot about the Intel Mac laptops! I have an Intel Mac desktop though.

  • roustemroustem

    Team Member

    Thank you for the kind words, jhm ❤️

    We will look into the Touch ID issue, it certainly doesn't make sense to show this prompt if the Mac does not support Touch ID. The lock screen is able to detect this when presenting the password prompt and we should be able to do the same during the initial setup. Also, I am not sure if having an Apple Watch makes it different or not.

    About the password. The new app does not have standalone vaults and we made it simpler and use the same account password in both the app and on 1Password.com. I'd say that even the shorter (within limits!) password would be pretty secure there because it is combined with the Secret Key.

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